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KLASK - 2 Player


Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 137 reviews


  • The #1 Party Game from Denmark! Like the lovechild of Table Football and Air Hockey, KLASK is a highly competitive and thoroughly enjoyable table-top dexterity game, which just happens to be magnetic! 
  • Perfect for any occasion! The tabletop game of fast hands and even faster thinking has gained a worldwide following – from kitchen table playoffs with family to late-night rivalries between friends this game is always a hit! We’ve played in saunas, hot tubs and many bars, where will you take yours?
  • From a small workshop to a global phenomenon! Created by a Danish carpenter, Mikkel Bertelsen, Klask has grown from garage project to cult classic in just 7 years boasting an international community as well as several tabletop gaming awards including a recommendation from the prestigious Spiel des Jahres.

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10 Minutes
2 Players
Age 8+

How To Play

Using the magnetic handles to steer their striker, players hit the orange ball around the field. Players are free to move continuously all over the field and there is no taking turns. The aim is to score points by shooting the orange ball into the opponent's 'goal'. But be careful not to lose control of...

Klask Awards

As Seen In...

“Klask is better than air hockey (and it fits on your kitchen table)”

“It is FIERCELY addictive and possibly even more fun when tipsy.”

“This game is incredibly addictive and you'll definitely find yourself playing enough to make it a great investment.”

“Overall, the game is light on mechanics and rules, innovative in its construction, and frequently loud during play!”

“The Danish National Sport!”