KLASK - 4 Player


The original head-to-Head Battle for 4 Players

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KLASK - 4 Player
The #1 party game

Klask is the lovechild of table tootball and air hockey

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From kitchen table playoffs with family, saunas, hot tubs and many bars, we've played everywhere. Where will you take yours?

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Created by a Danish carpenter, Mikkel Bertelsen, Klask has grown from garage project to cult classic in just 7 years.

Gametime10 MINUTES

what’s included

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You shall find inside the box;

1 x KLASK 4 Board

2x Board Supports/Legs

2 x Orange Balls

7 x White Magnets (aka Biscuits)

4 x Striker & Steering Magnet (Pairs)

4 x Scoring Markers

1 x Rule Book

Your brand new KLASK almost comes fully assembled and has everything you need to play along with a couple of spares! No tools necessary for assembly, the legs just slot into the holes on the bottom of the KLASK 4 board


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game rules

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Everyone starts with 5 lives and the game ends when one player reaches 0. Whichever player has the most lives left at that stage takes the victory!

There are 4 ways to lose a point!

  1. If the orange ball ends up in your goal and stays there (if the ball bounces out, the game continues)
  2. If 2 (or 3) white magnets stick to your striker
  3. If you lose control of your striker and can’t gain control again by using the steering magnet
  4. KLASK! If you steer your striker into your own goal a point is lost, even if you manage to escape


KLASK Spare Part Set 2.0
KLASK Spare Part Set 2.0

How To Play

  • 1

    Use the magic of magnets to strike the ball into your opponent's goal

  • 2

    Avoid magnetic obstacles if you can or stick them on your opponent to score points

  • 3

    Keep control of your striker and whatever you do, stay out of your hole!

  • Watch the video and learn how to play in just 60 seconds!

Klask Awards

Spiel des Jahres
Spiel Des Jahres Germany
Innovative Toy of the Year
Nominee, TOTY
Jury's Special Award
Danish Game of the Year
Årets Spel
Family Game of the Year
Swedish Game of the Year

Klask is better than air hockey (and it fits on your kitchen table)

It is FIERCELY addictive and possibly even more fun when tipsy.

This game is incredibly addictive and you'll definitely find yourself playing enough to make it a great investment.

Overall, the game is light on mechanics and rules, innovative in its construction, and frequently loud during play!

The Danish National Sport!

Polygon Klask is better than air hockey (and it fits on your kitchen table)