KLASK - 4 Player



  • Now with 4 players! Raise the stakes with an action-packed battle that just got more epic. The Magnetic gameplay of KLASK 4 is unique, exciting and like no other game out there! This awesome tabletop game will have everyone in the room playing again and again. Move quick but be tactical too, KLASK demands fast hands and even faster thinking!
  • The more the merrier! KLASK 4 is a new way of experiencing KLASK with 4 players: less of a head-to-head battle, more of chaotic fun!
  • Perfect for any occasion! KLASK 4 is perfect for any parties. Like birthday parties, drinking parties, wedding parties, tailgate parties, party parties, name giving parties, housewarming parties, office parties, Christmas parties, summer holiday parties, thanksgiving parties and whatever parties. We mainly wrote those examples for Google’s search engine algorithms. You human reader can come up with many other places to play KLASK 4 without any further instruction.
10 Minutes
4 Players
Age 8+

How To Play

Using the magnetic handles to steer their striker, players hit the orange ball around the field. Players are free to move continuously all over the field and there is no taking turns. The aim is to score points by shooting the orange ball into the opponent's 'goal'. But be careful not to lose control of...

Klask Awards

As Seen In...

“Klask is better than air hockey (and it fits on your kitchen table)”

“It is FIERCELY addictive and possibly even more fun when tipsy.”

“This game is incredibly addictive and you'll definitely find yourself playing enough to make it a great investment.”

“Overall, the game is light on mechanics and rules, innovative in its construction, and frequently loud during play!”

“The Danish National Sport!”