What is KLASK?

Probably the best game ever...?

What does KLASK mean?

Did you know that there is a good reason for KLASK being called KLASK? The word actually means "slap" in Danish and comes from the sound that the steering magnet makes when it drops into your own goal.

Where are my PTFE stickers?

We recently made some improvements to the game and swapped the PTFE sticker for thin felt pads. So if you have felt on the bottom of the striker you're are all set! You don't need one on the steering magnet.

I ordered multiple items and they didn't all arrive, where are they?

There is a long and boring answer here about where the spare parts and the games themselves are shipped from but in short your parcel will have shipped in two parts often a day or two apart. If your order hasn't been completed after 3 working days of your first delivery, reach out to us in the chat and we'll help you out.

Can I return my KLASK?

It will be the single biggest regret of your life but we'll accept a return for games that are returned unused and in original packing for a full refund. You'll have 30 days from the date of delivery to initiate the return. To do so, reach out to us with your order details and we'll sort out the shipping labels but returns are at the cost of the sender (customer).

How do I play?

Check out How To Play and we'll explain it to you in just 60 seconds! 

Is KLASK the Danish National Sport? 

Of course it is. 

How big is the game?

The Klask board is approximately 14" x 18" with a height of 5 1/2".

Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes, check out the KLASK Spare Part Set