Top 5 Dexterity-Based Alternatives to Air Hockey That Aren’t S***!

So you like Air Hockey but you never get to play it because it’s too expensive to buy one, it’s too massive to fit in your house and so you need something else?  Let’s dive into the world of indoor and tabletop games with our curated list of dexterity-based alternatives to air hockey that aren't cheap knock offs you should avoid. Each game on this list brings something unique to the table, if you’ll excuse the pun but we think there's one standout champion but take a look for yourself!

KLASK – The Magnetic of Magic Meets the Thrill of Air Hockey:

KLASK boasts magnetic gameplay, combining elements of air hockey and table football. Its versatility allows it to be played anywhere, making it a game for all occasions. Whether you're at home, in a bar, or outdoors, KLASK really is for anyone and everyone.

Every match is a memory in the making, you need this is in your life!

Where to buy -
Cost - $59.99

Binho – Precision in Every Flick:

Binho introduces precision flicking gameplay in a compact format. Players use finger-flicking skills to propel a ball across the table, aiming to shoot into the goal to score points. Its compact design and competitive nature make it an ideal choice for intimate, skillful showdowns.

Where to buy -
Cost - from $89

Skitter – A Tactile Duel of Precision:

Skitter introduces a tactile duel of precision as players skillfully flick their washers across the board trying to land them on magnetic 'zones' whilst avoiding bumpers in the middle. We were lucky enough to try this game out at Spiel Essen this year and it was a lot of fun! The game has very many modes, each offering something different for new or advanced players.

Where to buy - Not currently available for purchase but will be coming soon for 2024

Knock Hockey - 
The Classic Reimagined:

Knock Hockey delivers a nostalgic experience with a modern twist. The classic air hockey sibling, it's a two-player battle of skill and precision. The game's simplicity and familiarity make it an easy choice for quick and engaging matches.

Crokinole - 
Flicking Discs to Victory:

Crokinole is a classic dexterity game that transcends generations. Players take turns flicking discs across the circular board, aiming to land them in the hole in the centre. If players miss, the opponent will then have to try and knock your puck off the table leaving theirs in the scoring zone. Its timeless appeal and strategic gameplay make Crokinole an excellent choice for both casual and competitive gameplay.

Where to buy -
Cost - from $295

KLASK's Unrivalled Allure – A Deeper Dive:

"It’s easy to get caught up in the competitive spirit when biscuits are flying across the board, while also laughing at how silly it is that you’re getting worked up over tiny magnets called biscuit"

As we explore these dexterity-based alternatives, the magnetic magic of KLASK continues to stand out. Described by Emily Pheller in a Polygon article as a game that captures the imagination, KLASK is not just a game – it's an experience that transcends boundaries.

Choosing the Ultimate Dexterity Game:

Consider the dynamics of each game, the space you have available, and your preference for gameplay. While Knock Hockey, Binho, and the others we mentioned each offer a unique experience, KLASK's magnetic charm, versatility, and engaging gameplay make it the ultimate choice for those seeking an unparalleled gaming adventure and a true alternative to Air Hockey.

In Conclusion:

There are many alternatives out there for Air Hockey, and whilst you might not replicate the exact feel of the ginormous, expensive and noisey game that everyone knows about there are others out there that do a job of creating the same intense battles!