The UK KLASK Championship is here!

A poster showing the 4 places you can qualify for the UK KLASK Championship. There are 4 events 15th July in Watford, 20th July in Cardiff, 26th July in Ilkley and finally the qualifier and championship on 19th August in London

UK hun? You've Barely Touched Your Biscuits! 🇬🇧

For those who prefer excel and tables over actual art, we have you covered 👇👇👇 

D20 Board Game Cafe Watford Jul-15
Chance & Counters Cardiff Jul-20
Games Crusade Ilkley July-26
Camden Beer Hall London Aug-19 

You'd like to sign up, I hear you say!

If you'd like to sign up, please go to the Facebook link above for the event you're interested and follow through to the ticket link where you can reserve your spot. Spaces are limited, so don't sleep on it!

Why should I enter?

Winners from each of the official UK qualifiers will be invited to the UK Championship in London on 19th August to compete for a spot at the KLASK World Championships.

The winner of the UK Championship will win an all expenses paid trip to Helsinki (Finland) to compete in the 2023 KLASK World Championship on September 9th. That's flights, accommodation, and perhaps a sauna experience like no other*

Did you know?

The first ever 'KLASK Wooden Spoon' award was presented to the UK representative (we love you Alan)? Alan won't mind me telling this story because he's a great sport!

It was the ceremony night at the 2018 KLASK World Championship, we were eating at a local pizza restaurant and spirits were high, including Alan's, though he had been taught some hard KLASK lessons during the competition. Right before Mikkel (inventor of KLASK) got up to give a speech congratulating Jaro, the new world champion, Alan's very own chaperone could be seen whispering in Mikkels ear. What exactly was said nobody knows (except Mikkel and I)! But moments later, the very first 'Wooden Spoon' award was announced. A new tradition had begun.

We didn't actually have a wooden spoon to give Alan back in 2018, but the confused chef from the restaurant kindly lent us a ladle. The ladle was never returned and it has never seen again. Legend has it that the ladle was melted down and repurposed into ring that Alan wears around his neck as a reminder of the fellowship he left behind on his journey back to the UK. The champion the UK sent the following year faired much better, though he was eventually thwarted by the Germans. You can watch that thrilling match below!

When and Where is the UK Championship?

The UK KLASK Championship will take place immediately after the 4th Qualifier @ Camden Beer Hall on 19th August. The contest will be between the 4 winners from each of the UK Qualifiers and the eventual winner, will be representing the UK at the World Championships. Never has there been a better chance!


* it may just well be like a sauna you have visited in the past but I've bet you've never played Sauna KLASK!