The KLASK World Championship is Back!

The official 2023 KLASK World Championship logo in white in the foreground. The background image is of the newly crowned KLASK World Champion celebrating their win in front of the onlooking crowd

You read that right, we're back!

When - September 9th
Where - Helsinki, Finland

For the first time since 2019 the KLASK World Championship is back, and we are so ready to welcome the world’s best players to the biggest event on the gaming calendar. The board game community has largely been patient in waiting for its return but we got the sense that there was a limit to their patience and it was only a matter of time before global KLASK gaming groups would descend on Helsinki to make one of their own. Fun as that sounds, we thought we’d better get a handle on it and announce the official 2023 KLASK World Championship.

Now get away from the screen and stop polishing your striker, it’s time to get it on! 

What is KLASK?

If you’ve not heard of KLASK then you have some catching up to do! KLASK is a fast-paced magnetic, dexterity tabletop game that’s as easy to play as it is to say. It’s pronounced KLASK.  The game is played on a wooden board with two magnetic pieces that players control from underneath the board. Think table football meets air-hockey and you’re not too far wrong, except it’s way better than both of those. The goal is to score points by hitting a small ball into your opponent's goal while avoiding magnetic obstacles, we call biscuits, and keeping your ‘striker’ out of your own hole. KLASK is a game that is played and adored worldwide and is now available in 42 countries across 6 continents

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The KLASK World Championships: What to Expect

Tattoos, KLASK, saunas, KLASK in saunas, sweaty commentators, hot tubs, KLASK in hot tubs, white gloves, live streams oh and did we mention KLASK?

The KLASK World Championships will be a showcase of skill, strategy and biscuit wizardry, as the world's best KLASK players compete for the ultimate prize. The competition will be intense, the atmosphere will be electric and the celebrations will be wild and that’s just the warm up games at 2AM the night before!

In 2019 the final was contested by the same finalists from the previous year, this time Tomasz from Poland getting the better of Jaro of Germany, the then defending World Champion. We have 9 countries making their debut this year and amongst those, we will have champions from South America and Asia for the first time ever! We’re super excited to welcome the champions to Finland.

Every year we see shots we’ve never seen before and dark horses becoming strong contenders as competition just seems to get better and better!

How to Get Involved

Official qualification tournaments will be taking place in each of the 22 participating countries and if you're interested in taking part in in the KLASK World Championships, you’ve got to qualify first, register your interest here! Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up blog post about the full US schedule.

Whether you're a seasoned KLASK player or just getting started, this is a great opportunity to be a part of a rapidly growing, exciting and inclusive community of gamers.

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If you can’t get involved as a player but you don’t want to miss the action, don’t worry you’ll be able to stream it from the comfort of your own home as we’ll be streaming the whole thing live, globally!


World Champs are Back - September 9th Helsinki, Finland

Say hello to our 9 debutants - Chile, Spain, Japan, Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia

Find out where to qualify - HERE