The KLASK website is here!

You've asked for it, so we deliver!

Your favorite game/pastime/magnetic battle KLASK now has a new home in the form of a website!

Here you can find the most comprehensive and intriguing guide to the world of KLASK, including a place for you to buy stuff (called Shop btw.), an official rulebook, how-to's and much more!


KLASK has come a long way from the workshop of KLASK Daddy Mikkel Bertelsen, a Danish carpenter (you can read more about Mikkel here!). The game has been on sale since 2016, and is now available all over the world with over 400,000 copies sold. The popularity of KLASK never seizes to amaze us, and it makes us grateful to hear stories about your experiences with the game. Without you, there is no KLASK, so we thank you for finding the game and the fun within it.

There is nothing quite like it – Whether it’s only you and your best friend, a group of friends who just met, or anything in between, KLASK is probably the best way to spend an evening.

With the exception of going to space in a rocket. If that’s an option, always go for it.

Until we all can fly to space, you can experience the magical fun of magnetism combined with the simple joy of shooting a ball around a wooden table.

We're here, so are you. Let's KLASK.