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“Klask is better than air hockey (and it fits on your kitchen table)”

“It is FIERCELY addictive and possibly even more fun when tipsy.”

“This game is incredibly addictive and you'll definitely find yourself playing enough to make it a great investment.”

“Overall, the game is light on mechanics and rules, innovative in its construction, and frequently loud during play!”

“The Danish National Sport!”

What is Klask?

A popular pub game in Denmark, Klask is like a fast-paced table-top version of Air Hockey, only it uses multiple magnets and a small round ball. Players must use the magnetic handles under the board to control their playing pieces on top of the board.

The #1 Party Game from Denmark!
It's a Sport on your kitchen table!

TWO or FOUR players:
Which is right for you?


The Original, Head-to-Head Battle for 2 Players


All-New Circle Board for Chaotic Fun with 4 Players

How To Play

The rules of Klask are simple, but to be a champion, you must master total control! Simply knock the the ball into your opponent’s goal to score but be careful around the little white magnets and your own goal…

Watch the video and learn how to play in just 60 seconds!

Fun! Fun! & Fun! That's only what we hear about KLASK!


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